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Break In is a bi-weekly newsletter designed to help you break in to the tech world. Its the brain child of Sophie DeBenedetto (that's me, hi), Beini Huang (who made this site look nice) and a few other tech professionals. 

As a bootcamp grad, teacher and engineer, I've been through this journey myself, and seen so many students, grads and junior devs go through it too. I wanted to create a space where people who are in the early stages of breaking into the tech world could get answers to the kinds of questions you don't often see discussed on purely technical or educational platforms--the kinds of questions you might be afraid to ask, or don't even know to ask if you're brand new to programming. 

We're always looking for more questions to answer and more ideas to discuss so reach out through our Ask a Question feature if you have a question that needs answering or our Contribute feature if you have a great idea for an article or interview.