Contribute to Elixir School

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What is Elixir School?

Elixir School is an open source Elixir curriculum with lots of content for beginners and opportunities for beginners to contribute. Lessons cover the basics of programming in Elixir, along with some more advanced topics and closer looks at specific libraries. Elixir School also maintains a blog with a range of articles from short “Today I Learned” posts to longer, more in-depth pieces.

Maybe you’ve heard a little bit about Elixir and its awesome native concurrency and fault tolerance capabilities. Maybe you’ve started learning more about it or maybe you’re just curious. Now is the time to start learning and Elixir School is here to help!

Contributing to Elixir School

Elixir School is open source. That means that all of our lessons and blog posts have been contributed by different programmers and learners around the world. There is no special prerequisite to contributing. Lessons and posts have come from devs at all different levels and stages of their careers.

Why You Should Contribute

Since most of our content is geared towards beginners, beginners make the perfect contributors! Its a great way to do some open source contributions without adding to an existing code base. You’ll meet some smart, helpful and awesome people as you work with the maintainers (👋 including me!). You’ll learn something new and you’ll give back to other devs by sharing what you’ve learned!

How You Can Contribute

You can check out our open issues and claim or comment on any that look interesting to you. You can also open an issue of your own, describing a change you’d like to make or new content you want to see.

You can also contribute to our blog by opening an issue describing the post you want to write. The “Today I Learned” or “TIL” format is a really nice fit for first-time contributors. This type of post is a short and sweet look at any small discovery you’ve made about Elixir. Remember, this content is geared toward beginners to ANYTHING you learn as an Elixir newbie would make an awesome TIL post!

Go and Get Started!

Now that you’re totally convinced you should contribute to Elixir School, go and check out our open issues! Hope to see you there 🚀