# I've Made a Huge Mistake: True Stories From Real Devs


Jim Campagno Made a Huge Mistake


Jim is lead iOS engineer at betterPT. He writes code and listens to music from the video game series The Legend of Zelda.

Here's his latest huge mistake:


I was working with two files that had really similar names. I wrote A LOT of code in the wrong file without noticing. I also waited too long to test the code I was writing in that file. When I finally tried to run the code, nothing happened! It took some time and some frustrating head scratching, but eventually I realized that I was editing the wrong file all along.
That taught be to give my files and classes better, more descriptive (and not so similar) names > and> it taught me to run my code early and often!

Think you're alone is making a mistake in your app--even a big mistake that effects your coworkers? Nope! Welcome to life as a professional dev. Here's the latest Huge Mistake from yours truly:

I changed > one word> in > one line> of code and opened a Pull Request. My team members reviewed the PR and approved it (fools!). The new code was deployed into production and went live! BUT WAIT! My one change was really a HUGE MISTAKE. It meant that we were sending blank files instead of files full of required album info when delivering customers' albums to online stores. This mistake went unnoticed for more than a few days and we had to re-deliver quite a few albums. My bad ¯(ツ)